How Rhino brings immediate benefits to Brooks Australia


Brooks Australia is a family owned Australian business with a key focus on delivering fire protection systems for domestic and commercial applications, ultimately striving to protect families and businesses alike. With a history dating back to 1959, Brooks Australia has become synonymous with quality fire protection across the country.

In May 2019, Brooks Australia adopted ForteIS’ CRM system, Rhino, to support their sales team and provide greater visibility across the business. We sat down with Shane Sweep, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand, to discuss how Rhino is already benefiting the business after only a few months.

Taming the wild with Rhino

“Part of the reason for going to Rhino was that it’s simplistic in its approach,” Shane explained. “We had a CRM in place prior to Rhino, but it wasn’t providing the information we were looking for. We wanted dashboard data and more visibility of call records, provided in a way that was easy to both use and view.”

“I’d used Rhino in a previous business, so I was already aware just how straightforward and user-friendly it is. Having dealt with ForteIS in the past, I also knew that they’re always helpful in the rare instance of an issue. They’ve also been very flexible with the development of our CRM package to suit our needs.”

“It’s giving us a better opportunity to manage the business and see what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, which is huge. It means we can confidently inform plans to change how we’re approaching the market.”

With Rhino, Brooks Australia sales people are able to enter and access data much more easily.With Rhino, Brooks Australia sales people are able to enter and access data much more easily.

Key features of Rhino

Shane spoke about a number of key features of Rhino that were of particular use to his team. Among these features were the dashboard view, simplistic reporting, call cards and journey planning.

“The journey planner really allows for better organisation and time management,” said Shane. “Meanwhile because Rhino is so easy to use, the call cards get updated regularly. That means it’s easier to access customer data and our reps get improved information recollection to help with customer development and follow up. It’s so easy for our reps to access the information they need, when they need it, so all our customer interactions are heightened.”

“From a management point of view, the dashboards are extremely valuable, and the smart reporting functions mean we have the ability to drill down into key areas of business planning.”

While the relationship is still young, Brooks Australia is already seeing benefits to the wider business. For more information about how Rhino can bring the same excellence to your sales team, reach out for a free demo today.

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